The holistic approach to treatment takes into account an individual’s physical,mental, emotional and spiritual being and the impact of his/her environment.When treating each person individually and in the context of his/her own lifestyle the individual would be able to improve his/her own health, re-establishing harmony and balance in their systems, this is known as homeostasis.These therapies are especially useful in treatment of stress and stress-related conditions, helping to release imbalances and toxins from the body.Heal is a Centre of Integrative Medicine which offers physical, mental,emotional and energetic based therapies.Heal is a space designed for your healing, a sanctuary of “me” time, a space to heal;a release from daily routines and busy lifestyles. We are highly qualified, compassionate, top practitioners dedicated to our professions with many years of experience for you to benefit from.We consider each person unique, and we adapt each treatment according to your needs. We are passionate, dedicated and devoted to Healing. We amalgamate different healing philosophies from Eastern and Western cultures. Physical and Energy based treatments with a palette of treatments tailored to each individual.We specialise in remedial, therapeutic treatments for pain management, caused by injuries and/or chronic conditions, lack or restriction of movement. We offer treatments for stress related illnesses, oncology, palliative care, sport/postural ailments, emotional distress, mental, spiritual concerns and chronic conditions.We provide diet and nutrition consultations linked with relevant nutritional supplements, tests analysis, in order to provide you with new concepts, with a deeper understanding of your body’s functioning helping you to heal yourself naturally even when traditional medicine cannot help.We also provide energy-based therapies for emotional and mental balance; these therapies work deep in your subconscious mind helping you to reach a deep level of relaxation, healing and understanding.We offer you excellent benefits with Oriental Medicine, using different techniques applied accordingly to your needs.You can also enjoy of our tailored classes for giving strength to your core muscles that will help you to overcome chronic pain such as back pain, Sciatica, etc. Call us today on 01895473359 to get more information.