Heal ‘s team welcomes you to our healing space where your health is our priority. There is a beautiful life waiting for you after Cancer, allow us to help you navigate towards healing.

We have developed a protocol for your needs to be spread in modules of 6 weeks each. After each module, we will assess your programme and establish a new course of therapies if necessary.

We will promote your healing process and increase the abilities of your body to heal itself.

We work holistically, taking in consideration every aspect of your life therefore, you will have 4 practitioners working with you who are highly qualified and experienced working with Cancer.

We will be working as a combined team coordinating the information and integrating the services in an efficient manner, to avoid overlapping resources.


1.    Adriana Kahrs (senior therapist, specialised in Oncology/Reflexology and palliative care, member of the Mount Vernon Hospital Network of therapists)


 9 hours of services divided in 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each and the programme involves Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, I.S healing therapy and I.S Healing System (Book), meditation, mindset shifting in a holistic manner that will allow you to understand your cancer, yourself, your life and the direction to take.


2.    Quyen Tran, Acupuncturist, will offer 1 acupuncture/ Oriental medicine or Pranic healing session a week (1 hour).


4.    Anna Winek, Integrative Medicine, Naturopath, Nutritionist, will offer 1 first consultation (1 hour) then 2 follow ups (30 mins each). Anna will also provide all the supplements, as she will pass a further discount (15% when applicable) to you through the suppliers. Please notice that the costs of the supplements are not included in the package.


After each module we will assess your progress and determine the course of holistic therapies to support your needs.

The cost for this module is £1000. You will be able to pay in 3 payments of £333 each.

The first payment will be done at the start of the module, a second payment in week 3, and the last payment in week 6.

If you pay the price in full at the start of the module, we will offer an extra £50 discount and the cost will be £950. Further modules may vary and adapted accordingly to the circumstances, they may increase or decrease in price as they will be tailored to your needs.

All the practitioners are willing to help you as much as possible. You can have access to their contact details and call them any time in between treatments for any enquiries and observations.

Remember that natural occurring remissions are a reality and more often than people believe. It may happen to you too! Believe in yourself, take a quantum leap!

We can offer you a second option of complementary therapies that it is less intense. The Complementary module II will run for 6 weeks and consists of:

·         Adriana Kahrs 6 sessions of 50 min each and the programme involves a combination of Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, meditation.

·         Quyen Tran, Acupuncturist, will offer 1 acupuncture session a week (1 hour).

·         Anna Winek, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Functional medicine practitioner, 1 consultation of 1 hour and 1 follow up of 30 min.  

The price for this module is: £800

You may also pay it in three separated payments. First payment at the start of the module (£300), second payment at week 3 (£250) and final payment at week 6 (£250). If you pay the price in full at the start of the module, we will offer an extra £50 discount and the cost will be £750.

We do not promise a cure as each person has their own destiny, but we would do as much as we can to support you in your healing process.

Allow yourself to be happy, fulfilled, being loved and love in a healthy and vibrant body, mind and spirit!




Adriana is available to Mobile Service in a 5 miles radius on Tuesdays. Mobile service according to criteria. Price £60 for elderly and Infirm /palliative care. Others £80/hour.    



Gift Certificates available! Ask us for our elegant certificate.