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May 13, 2019
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Ouch my back hurts

According to the article: Prevalence of chronic pain in the UK: a systematic review and meta-analysis of population studies, distributed, chronic pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK, corresponding to just under 28 million adults, more common in female than male, based on data from the best available published studies. This figure is likely to increase further in line with an ageing population.

Ouch my back  hurts! So many times, I heard this one! Dealing with pain is not easy. It affects your daily life; it becomes the uninvited guess that controls your life.

There are many reasons for your pain. Main reasons why tissue deteriorates and causes pain are Congenital factors, or, overuse, misuse, abuse, and disuse! (according to Leon Chaitow).

How you use your body will determine your strategy to move and the harmony and communication among the tissues. In sum, your body is an amazing intelligent entity that takes our heads and hands to other places, exploring the world around to achieve dreams and desires. We were born to move!

The action of walking is an unconscious planning that involves the whole of you. Your nervous system, your mind, your bones, your circulation, your muscles, your fascia, your senses such as sight, balance and touch!

As a bodyworker and holistic therapist, my approach to treatment is an active and comprehensive one, I am not only using techniques from the emerging field of “Spatial Medicine”, where we analyse and understand the complexity of gait during daily coordinated movement but I take in consideration your emotions  (Energy in motion), your stress levels, your diet, sleeping patterns… YOU!

By working you and I together, we can trigger your healing process and create a deeper understanding of how wonderful you really are.In the meantime, be happy, be grateful, love your life and come to see me!

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