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May 13, 2019
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Tired of being tired by Anna Winek

When I ask my clients what their goals are, most of them say they want more energy.

Fatigue can manifest in varies ways. Some individuals feel permanently exhausted, while others have peaks and troughs in energy. Some can’t function without caffeine boost, and then find it hard to switch off in the evening. The fatigue may feel like physical heaviness, or it may show as ‘’brain fog’’.

Fatigue is common and, in most cases, it can’t be ‘’cured’’ by simply taking a medicinal drug. Fatigue is a sign of underlying problems, suffers can experience real improvement when they try a personalised nutrition approach. Fatigue can be caused by any number of underlying imbalances in body function, and personalised nutrition works precisely to identify the particular pattern of imbalances and resolve this by supporting the associated body systems.

Some of the underlying imbalances include:

 – insufficient iron levels

This can cause low energy, muscle weakness and shortness of breath, even where anaemia has been ruled out.

 – blood glucose imbalances

If your diet regularly includes sugar, white starch, caffeine and alcohol you could be suffering from peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels, also known as a ‘’reactive hypoglycaemia’’. These energy dips tend to trigger cravings for more sugar or caffeinated ‘’pick-me-ups’’ leading to a ‘’blood sugar roller-coaster’’ Later stages of that problem, such as insulin resistance and diabetes, can also cause fatigue.

 – inflammation

inflammatory cascade of immune reactions can cause ‘’brain fog’’, tiredness and muscular weakness.

 – adrenal imbalances

The adrenals produce stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenalin, cortisol and DHEA. Ongoing stress and overproduction of stress hormones can make one feel ‘’tired and wired’’. Less commonly, the adrenals can struggle to produce sufficient levels of these hormones, leading to fatigue and exhaustion.

-low thyroid function

Fatigue and other symptoms of low thyroid function can manifest even where standard blood test results fall within ‘’normal’’ reference range.

 -toxic overload

carrying excessive levels of toxic chemicals or metals can cause physical and mental exhaustion.

 – gut microflora imbalance

‘’Brain fog’’ and fatigue are symptoms of yeast or bacterial imbalances in the gut.

If any of those sound familiar, call me for your personalised nutrition approach.

I will address the causes with dietary measures by implementing relevant micronutrients through dietary sources or nutritional supplements.

We will review your lifestyle, revising sleep, physical activities, and stress levels.

My name is Anna Winek and I am Heal’s Registered Nutritional Therapist.

Book your nutritional assessment on:  01895473359 contact@healforyou.co.uk

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